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Firewalk Funding Support


 We will Raise up to 50% of the Cost of your Firewalk Experience

At Charity Firewalk, we understand the financial constraints that non-profit groups often face when trying to raise funds for their important causes. We are passionate about hosting charity firewalk events and want to provide funding support to help your charity bring a life-changing and impactful experience to life.

As the leader of a non-profit organization, we know you are diligent about where you spend your money. That's why we want to support your mission by maximizing your budget.



Success stories

We have witnessed incredible success stories of charities raising tens of thousands of pounds in just a single evening with our firewalk events. Imagine the difference that funding support could make for your organization. Our team will help your organization connect with potential supporters, increasing the chance of a positive response.

We go beyond just providing funding support. Our dedicated team will provide you with a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on engaging with your supporters and making the most out of your firewalk event. From leveraging social media platforms to organizing effective fundraising campaigns, we'll equip you with the tools and strategies to raise funds more effectively and promote your cause to a wider audience.



Enjoy an unforgettable experience

Once you have secured your supporters, you'll only need to provide a suitable space for the event, and our team will handle the rest. We understand that event planning can be overwhelming, so we handle everything from logistics and equipment to safety requirements. You can focus on connecting with your supporters and creating an unforgettable experience for them.

Our highly qualified instructors, who are fully insured and professionally trained, will guide your participants through the firewalk experience, ensuring their safety and well-being at every step. This transformative activity challenges participants to push past their perceived limits, fostering personal growth, empowerment, and a sense of achievement.



Get in touch

Don't let limited budgets hinder the impact of your charitable cause. Reach out to Charity Firewalk today and let us help you bring your firewalk event to life. Together, we can make a meaningful and lasting impact in your community, raising funds and awareness for your cause.

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